18 Images That Fuse Real Photos With Very Creative Illustrations

When they say that art is everywhere they are not lying, many of the artists that exist today and who lived in the past were inspired by their surroundings, their views, the people who accompany them or the history of a place.

Digital works are increasingly common and so are the illustrators who do them, there is a kind of simplicity but at the same time infinite imagination that these people have and that with the touch of a click or an electronic brush they can turn into their version of art .

Robin Yayla , is an artist of Turkish origin who lives in Italy and who takes real photos of almost anywhere in the world to draw on them and make very clever and fun mixes of famous people or objects that you would never think could become an illustration. as creative as the following.

It’s a bit away from being devoured

It will become a monumental scrambled egg

Lovely as always, Marilyn.

An outdoor Freddie Mercury concert

The perfect needle for a painful procedure

That plane definitely has Sid’s eyes.

The friendly Spider-Man

Elvis is ready to give his show

Don’t make the Incredible Hulk angry, he can be dangerous

What the tree needs is a good drying of leaves

two friendly giraffes

 Marge is on the cutting edge of fashion

Frida Kahlo with the Maiden Tower in the background

Matrix Reloaded

The fight of the year about to begin

The last supper has a European twist

The largest pizza in the world -even if it is an illustration-

Some very special ice creams

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