18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

We always have used to check the expiration dates on the things we buy when we go shopping for groceries. There are some items at home that there’re no written expiration dates. So, don’t think that they can last forever. They may look still perfect but they can be harmful to you. Following are some of them.


  • Pillows: 2-3 years

You should remember that it’s really important to change the pillows regularly. Long lasting pillows lose their comfortness and become an unbelievable home for dust mites.

  • Slippers: 6 months

As slippers can spread fungal infections, they need to be changed from time to time. There are also some kinds of slippers that can be washed without falling apart.


  • Sponge: 2 weeks and Shower Pouf: 6 months

Avoid using expired shower utensils to clean your body as they can breed fungus and mold. Boil them in hot water to kill growing bacteria and for natural and synthetic shower poufs.

  • Towel: 1-3 years

Towels which are used more than 3 years lose their absorption power. Even if you didn’t wash the towel regularly, it creates an optimal environment for bacteria growth. So, change your towel at least every 3 years.

  • Toothbrush: 3 months

As we all know when the bristles begin to wear down, we are supposed to change our toothbrush. It’s also important to change you toothbrush after flu or a virus.


  • Hairbrush: 1 year

At least once a week, clean your hairbrush thoroughly and change them in every year.

  • Perfume & Eau de toilette: 1-3 years

When the perfumes with essential oils store closed, they can last for three years and two years when they are store opened. When Eau de toilettes are store closed they are fine for four years and two years when stored opened.


Though they are good in condition and used for long term, Latex pacifier must be replaced. They can easily break and the cracks breed germs.

  • Child car seats: 6-10 years

The plastic and foam can deteriorate over time. They can even lose the shape of the seat until it can no longer protect the child. So change it after 10 years.


  • Bra: 1-2 years

Most of the woman hang on to their bras until the wire begins to pop out. But as for the experts, your bra should be changed regularly ‘This may sound extravagant, but if you are wearing a bra regularly, even if it’s high quality and you take good care of it, you will start to lose support and comfort, and the boost and uplift you bought it for will be substantially reduced after eight months or so,’ said Elise Recour, the General Manager of bra manufacturer Gossard.

  • Running shoes: 1 year

The cushioning of the sneaks of your running shoes begins to break down after 250-300 miles. With old shoes, your joints can experience unnecessary stress.


  • Spices: 1-3 years

With an extended period of time spices lose their taste and smell. Ground spices should not be kept for more than six months.

  • Floor: 6-12 months

You can only use best flour about a year.


  • Fire extinguishers: 15 years

Even though they can be used 15 years it has to be yearly maintained.

  • Disinfectants: 3 months

After three months of use, the disinfectants start losing their effectiveness.

  • Mosquito repellents: 2 years

Any repellent becomes useless after two years.

source used : dailyusefulinfo.com

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