18 Fascinating Images Of The World’s Weirdest Animals

It is said that there are around 1,367,555 species of animals in the world. This without counting the insects, which would undoubtedly add up to a large number. However, the list grows day by day, it is likely that while you are reading this article, the number of species has already increased, since the world is so incredible that it is impossible to fully understand it.

Mother Nature hides wonders and also very rare things everywhere that we may never end up discovering despite the years.

But for now we present you with 21 very strange animals, which you have surely never seen before. You will definitely be surprised with some:

1.Flying lemur

It is a very strange but very beautiful breed.

2.Black lizard

This little species of lizard is really impressive, not only because it has an incredible black color but also because of its shape, it looks like a little doll.

3.Batfish or red lips

It lives in the Galapagos Islands and is characterized by its red lips and the fins it has on its pectorals, which it uses to walk on the bottom of the sea. This fish is said to be a poor swimmer.

4.Pink Armadillo

Its beautiful pink color and its small size make it simply a strange species.

5.Royal flycatchers

This little species has a beautiful and colorful crest that makes it look even more charming.

6.Appalachian horse

This bicolor breed is very popular in the United States. It is very loved in this country thanks to its beautiful colors that mesmerize anyone.

7.Octopus Blanket

Strange and at the same time a majestic creation of nature.

8.Mantis Shrimp

Better known as Gonodactylus smithiise, the mantis shrimp is a species of sea lobster that can move its eyes independently and can capture a wide range of spectrums. You can find it in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

9.See Spinoza

Their name comes from the fact that they are spine-shaped bugs, but the most interesting thing is that they look like aliens.

10.Transparent head fish

These fish inhabit very deep waters, their eyes are barrel-shaped and can be seen through their head.

11.Giraffe Weevil

Its name comes from its long neck.

12.Blue Parrotfish

We all want to be this fish, as it spends 80% of its time searching for food. This fish is characterized by its bright blue color and has teeth grouped as in the shape of the beaks of parrots. It is common to find them in the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

13.Fishhook Ant

A very dangerous species due to its hook that is located at the top because it can easily hold or cut its enemies and its prey.


The Shoebill is a bird that lives in the stagnant waters of Uganda in Africa. As babies they are brown in color and as adults they turn a bluish gray. They feed on frogs and fish. It is the only species in the family Balaenicipitidae.

15.Bald Ukari

This species is distinguished by having its face painted red. They are a kind of monkeys with a very strange appearance.


Characterized by its pink color, this amphibian, also known as axoloti, is native to Mexico and lives in Xochimilco.

17.The Blue Dragon

Its scientific name is Glaucus Atlanticus, but it is better known as ” the blue dragon “; It is a shellless mollusk and hermaphrodite. It navigates the tropical waters that make up the seas off the coasts of Europe, South Africa and Australia, between which it floats thanks to the air it keeps in its stomach.


Possibly you did not know many of these species right? which one was more impressive to you?

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