17 Signs That Say That He Loves You, Even If He Does Not Say It

As we all know men are difficult to read, so we never know what is going on in their minds. Even though you spend all your time with him, he just does not seem to come clean with his feelings. But, there are some guys who are good with their feelings and tell you what they actually feel. But remember that it is a minority. We really like to know more about them.

If you are confused about his feelings for you, this article is written just for you. The following is a list of signs that he loves you, even if he does not say it clearly.

Remembers what you say

He carefully listens and pays complete attention to you when you talk and always remembers what you say. He loves to know more about everything- your family, childhood, even how your day went.  He always remembers it all too.

Is chivalrous

He will always be chivalrous when he is in love with you. He really cares about what you think of him as he respects you a lot. He would not care about what you thought of him at all if he did not love you. He does even a small thing for you such as holding the door for you and pulling the chair out for you.

He is protective and takes care of you

He does even small things to make your day better to the best of his abilities. He checks up on you, he gets you stuff you need even before you can say anything throughout the day. He also tries to make you safe.

You are part of his plan

You are the most essential part whenever he talks of the future and about his life, his dreams and settling down. He makes his future plans for keeping you in the center.

He holds your hand and keeps you close

When you go out together or for a walk, he always holds your hand. This is a subconscious thing every guy does in order to show that they will always be by your side whenever you need him. He will stand close to you to show everyone that you are his and everyone else should lay off when you are talking in a group.

He takes your opinion

He puts great importance on everything you have to say. Your opinion is important for him before doing anything and he does not do it just for the heck of it and he actually takes everything you say very seriously and bases most of his decisions on what you had to say.

He says “we”

He does not use, “you” or “I”, he always uses the term “we”. The best part of it is that he does not even know that he is doing that.

He wants to help

He likes to help you whenever you are going through tough times or are swamped with work. He always makes sure that you are not stressed or overworked. Even though he is busy with his work, he finds time to help you.


When you fight, he also wants to make up as soon as possible and will do whatever it takes to make up. He will ask sorry when he realizes his fault as his ego is not as important to him as you are.

He keeps you updated

He always keeps you informed about what he is doing and where he is as he genuinely cares about you and wants to make sure that you are not worried.

You are the last person

You are the first and last person he talks to before and after he falls asleep as you are the only person he thinks of first and last thing in his day.

He just wants to see you happy

He will do anything and will go any lengths to see you smile. He will even let go of his own happiness. He will get along people close to you as he knows how much it means to you.

He cannot stay angry with you

He loves you so much. So, he knows how much you both would be hurting if he stays mad at you. So, he makes everything okay very quickly.

He spends a lot of time with you and talks a lot

As he loves being with you, he spends as much time with you as he possibly can. He also opens up to you and bares himself, telling you everything about him and all his feelings as you are the world to him.

He always chooses you and stands up for you

He will choose you in a heartbeat and does not need any time to think if he is ever asked to choose between you and anything else in the world. He will always stands up for you and makes sure that you never feel humiliated.

He never forgets your important days and gives you all his attention

He will never ever forget your big days or days that are important to you. He will remember all those days and wish you the good luck. As far as his attention goes, it is always yours, no matter who else is in the room.

He is never annoyed

Even though you become the world’s most annoying person, messing around when he is really focused or trying to get something done, he never gets annoyed with you.

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