17 Proofs That Living With Kids Exercises Your Frustration Tolerance

Being a father is a very difficult task, full of responsibilities and permanent. Having a child is quite a challenge and although the little ones are experts in getting microinfarcts out of you, they are also good at making you smile. All parents fondly remember at least one peculiar moment that they lived with their children.

These moments make us think of those fragments of our childhood where we only laugh and enjoy life, without the worries of adult life. Now, when we see a child playing, we think about how much we enjoyed it at his age, but also about all the green gray hair we got from our parents.

1.“My son decided he wanted to bite into the cheese in three different places”

2.“My princess saw my shirt and tie and said she would help me get ready for work”

3.“My niece came to visit and played with our dog for a bit. The dog endured everything patiently.”

4.“My daughter usually eats a piece of butter when I cook, she mistook it for a bar of soap today. At least she got experience from this.”

5.“How to show that you have children without saying that you have children”

6.“Someone took his chair out into the street. It is obvious that there are children in that house.”

7.“Time to google how to clean the controller safely”

8.“My son only eats apples if they look like McDonald’s fries”

9.“My wife texted me that she would lie down on the couch and maybe take a nap. When I got home I found this scene”

10.“We played hide and seek with my daughter. I decided to pretend that I can’t find it.”

11.A boy decided that the plane needed to be decorated

12.A child wanted to bite the soft coating that protects the pipes

13.“My two children are intelligent and wonderful. One plays on the iPad and the second chews on the TV remote”

14.“My daughter came running and said our bathroom was smoking. She was afraid that some kind of fire could happen, but it turned out to be this ”

15.“I was sure my son was eating his food. Yet he hid her and didn’t even choose a good place.”

16.“My children wanted to draw on the tablet. This is the result of the artist”

17.“My niece was visiting and decided to leave a heart in the kitty litter box.”

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