17 Carpenters With Wild Imaginations And Really Skilled Hands

Working with wood requires from the master not only special skills and some experience, but also a rich imagination. Especially if he wants to make not an ordinary stool or shelf, but something much more interesting and original. It can be, for example, a wooden backpack, a birdhouse or a huge sculpture of a wolf. The end result depends only on your talent and the height of your imagination. Not all of us have the skills to work with wood. But in this case, you can always admire the finished products that other people have made. Some of them look so cool that they make you think: why not start making something out of wood yourself?

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some works made with only wood that are truly amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and that it also serves as an inspiration in some way or another.

1.To create this backpack, I used not only wood, but also genuine leather.

2.I was inspired to create this tea cabinet in torii, the gate in front of Shinto shrines, which marks the border between the worlds.

3..wife wanted to buy illuminated numbers for my anniversary, but I asked her to wait a bit and I made them myself, we always have to think of the best way to save some money. They do not believe?

4.A house for bats? Why not! In addition, it looks great and will be a wonderful decoration for a garden or patio.

5.I finally finished a wooden honeycomb bee house to cover that entire patio wall.

6.I hope the new tenants feel comfortable in this aviary that I built with so much love.

7.I …such a creative bench out of walnut and maple wood that it’s now the most requested in the store.

8.I made this decoration especially for the Lost Lands festival in Australia. It took 40 days to make, it was a job that took a long time but the final result is worth it.

9.This spoon was made using the Scandinavian “collising” technique, in which shallow patterns are carved into wood and then filled in with dark paint or powder.

10.Wooden knives designed specifically for kids who like to learn to cook but aren’t sure if they’re using real knives yet.

11.Fingerprint painting created entirely from wood.

12.I ran into an unusual snag and decided that something interesting could come out of it. We just need a little imagination.

13.It’s just a fantastic sculpture of a wolf, created from separate pieces of wood.

14.An old walnut headstock was used to make this amazing guitar. Nothing is ever wasted here.

15.I love making creative wooden coasters. These, for example, I made in the shape of crabs and they caught everyone’s attention.

16.To create this church door, we combined hand carving and CNC work and the result is undoubtedly something majestic.

17.This duck is still in the making, but I can’t wait to share the end result of this great job.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for these people who were undoubtedly born with an incredible gift in their hands and that is to transform simple objects into true works of art.

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