16 People Who Definitely Had A Worse Day Than Yours.

It happens to everyone to start the day and wish it would end as soon as possible, because it promises to be full of unexpected events from the very beginning. The only hope is to stay calm and composed no matter what. It is certain that those who took these photos had a very difficult time keeping their cool and moving forward without reacting. The secret is to take a deep breath and let go of what just happened, but it’s not always so easy.

So here are 16 photos showing people who definitely had a bad day.

Toy store

His first day at work probably could have gone much better. Fortunately, nothing serious happened.

Recalcitrant tailoring

When you try to close the box, but there is something preventing it from sliding. We try by all means to store the contents, but we never manage to close the box perfectly.

The smartphone battery

“I came back from vacation and found my second phone in this condition.” The battery appears to have swelled and removed the flap that should have held it in place.


The sofa will never go back to how it was, no matter how many times you try to clean it, the chocolate halo will remain forever.


After taking so long to get almost to the end of the puzzle, we realize that some crucial pieces are missing. However, it only took a handful to finish it off properly.

Dishwasher Basket

When you take the plates, cutlery and glasses out of the dishwasher, but suddenly the basket unhooks and falls, spilling all the kitchen utensils on the floor.

What kind of event would make your day bad?


When we move, the house is full of boxes, there is not even a table and we are looking for a way to eat. The important thing, however, is that the top where you put the dishes is stable, otherwise everything will fall to the floor. A tip might be to not eat soup.

Car wash

After washing your car, you must then be very careful where you park it. In this case, this motorist probably parked it under a slew of pigeons.

Bike wheel

He may have hit a pretty deep pothole. From now on, it will be difficult to go straight.


It’s hard to stay calm when you try to eat an ice cream but with the first spoonful, it falls on the floor, dirtying the whole car.

Mozzarella stick

These fried sticks are supposed to be filled with stringy cheese. A real treat ; too bad that in this case the first bite reveals that they are empty inside.


They put a closed broth in a container, but the cap was not closed properly and the liquid spilled into the bag.


Open the case of the Bluetooth earphones and discover that one of them has fallen, but above all is lost, forever.

 On TV

You come home tired from a hard day’s work, turn on the TV and find you can only see the bottom half of it.

 Glasses temples

He must not have had a very good day when his glasses disintegrated under his hands. Who knows how he managed to find his way while waiting for them to be fixed.

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