16 People On Whom Fate Played A Bad Trick

There are what are called ” bad days “, during which we do nothing but wait for the evening to go to bed and wait for a new day to begin, hoping that it will be better than the previous. On these occasions, the simplest thing is to do nothing, because we are sure that something is going to go wrong.

Here are 16 people on whom fate played a bad trick.

1.The rag has filled with ants, it will be difficult to get it out of there.


“Someone left a wet rag in our bathroom. We need to remove it before it starts to fill up.”

2.It will take hours to clean everything


“I started my workday by cleaning up a barrel of cooking oil that fell and flooded the entire floor.”

3.He knocked too hard on the glass

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“We have a woodpecker that wakes us up every morning pecking at the gutter right outside our bedroom window. I thought about banging on the glass to scare it away….Here’s what happened.”

4.”The piece of tiramisu I was saving for later”


He was trying to put the tiramisu he was going to eat for tea in the fridge.

5.The insect wanted to taste too


“I just got back from the bakery… I couldn’t wait to try this pastry with almonds and pastry cream.”

6.It might have been better if she hadn’t started baking cookies.


“I tried to make cookies, but I knocked everything on the floor.”

7.Bad place to park the car


“A family of birds snatched a tree right where this car was parked. The other cars are intact and immaculate.”

8.”The bottle of shaving foam exploded in the closet.”


It’s never pleasant to wake up and realize that you have to clean an area of ​​the house thoroughly.

9.”My dinner spilled on the carpet”


Who knows if he has a reserve meal, otherwise he will have to fast.

10.Ragged jeans


“In class, I discovered that I had a huge gash in my pants. I didn’t realize it until after two hours of class, but it was already too late.”

11.He returned the package and noticed mold.


“I ate one of those beef sticks before I noticed the mold. Maybe I better get a medical checkup.”

12.The dog’s x-ray: he ate something he shouldn’t have eaten


“The dog ate my friend’s engagement ring and half of the TV remote.”

13.Throw away lunch


“I put a packet of instant noodles in the microwave, but forgot to add water. They all burned.”

14.The tablecloth stuck to the wall


“I had spread my tablecloth to dry it. I hung it badly, with the wind it flew away and got stuck on a screw in the wall. I couldn’t take it back.”

15.He forgot the pot on the stove


“I forgot I was cooking rice and it burned. Even though I washed it for over an hour, I couldn’t get it clean!”

16.An Unpleasant Moment


“My friend forgot to check his underwear before putting it on.”

Have such events ever happened to you?

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