15 Unluckiest Moments Of The Unluckiest People In The World

Luck is a really important role in everyone’s life. Some people have very strong luck and some have a tough one. Here’s a list of unluckiest people in the world.

You Want To Talk About A Bad Day?

Do you?

The Zoo Manners

Don’t point a finger at an animal! NEVER!

What You Doin There, Human?

The best greetings from the king of the jungle!

Hunters Can Be Prey

You need to be careful!

Romantic Much?

Oh no!

The Bike Ride

Here you go!

Such Misfortune

This is really bad!

The Wine Waste

The owner must have cried after this a lot.

Using The Camera

The animal is not cooperating, is it?

The Fan Moment

Missed the catch?

NFS Underwater

You really can’t play it in real life!

Snow Boat?

This must have added a new level to the struggle!


There’s no word about this!

Garbage Carriage Or Garbage Spreader

You choose!

Crazy One

This man is just smiling and taking a selfie when his car gets burnt! Let us know in the comments below, which one of them is the unluckiest one?

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