15 Stunning Photos From The National Geographic Instagram Photography Contest

If you want to see outstanding nature photography, National Geography is the go for it. They have about 100m followers on Instagram. In order to celebrate this achievement they opened up a photography contest across the photo-sharing platform – using the hashtag #natgeo100contest.

The magazine received more than 94,000 photograph submissions in the 24-hour contest window. Here are some of the best photographs and head here for more entries.

André Musgrove.

Sebastien Nagy.

Finalist Adam Kiefer.

Brent Stirton.

Maxime Israel Collier.

Yuri Choufour.

Finalist: Sandra Cattaneo Adorno.

Devon Fox.

Sebastian Scheichl.

Nicholas Parker.

Jacintha Verdegaal.

Andri Laukas.

Finalist: Sara Stein.

Ken Geiger.

Arvind Patwal.

sources used: theultralinx.com

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