14 Warning Signs You Are Dealing with an Evil Person

How will be this society if the evil people dressed in full black attire and smiled creepily like the witches in the stories, and the good people would dress in bright colors with a cherubic smile on their face! But, the truth is that people wear masks that are difficult to break as life is a synthesis of endless contradictions.

We don’t need any theories to prove that evils exit; even a glance at the daily news is enough to prove it. There is a number of murders, rapes, terrorism we hear every day. The people’s attitude is the common thing among all the criminals. They all consider about their needs to be satisfied and do not care what happens to the world. The environment they were brought up in can be a result for their behavior and according to some theorists, the biological component also affects their behavior. According to the experts, the body releases oxytocin while reacting to something positive and while 95% of people conform to the norm, 5% do not feel the positive vibe.

There are this black-hearted people who make this their life motto. It’s not easy to separate evil people as it looks “normal”. You will eventually feel the toxicity and suffering rising if you are associated with such people so be aware and let go.

  1. They are manipulative maniacs

The black-hearted people always build their lives around one goal and they’ll do anything to achieve it. They don’t care about what others think when they are hurting or deceiving someone. They don’t think twice to manipulate others to get their work done.

  1. They mislead you

They are very clever to sow seeds of doubt in a person’s mind and make them question their own reality. They lie and twist the tale to turn your judgment in favor of them. Then, you’ll tend to believe them and will come to wrong conclusions.

  1. They are not trustworthy

They have master plans to drive you towards their self-centered agenda. They well always manipulate and mislead you, so how can you trust someone like that.

  1. They cannot see the reality

If it does not correspond with their needs, they will not see the reality. They’ll also make others believe in their warped vision of life to fulfill their demands.

  1. They always think they are “owed”

These kinds of people always think that they are special and the world is a “granting factory.” According to these people, everyone should cater to their needs as they owe them.

  1. They demand attention

They also think that the world revolves around them and deserve to be treated differently as they are worth it. Without caring for their flaws, they will demand attention as they feel superior to others.

  1. They are liars

They are completely liars and cannot tell the truth as the truth will crack their mask of the deceit.

  1. They live a double life

They live a double life by wearing masks in many situations. They will treat you differently if you are beneficial to their being, and if you are not, they will not bother about you. Their personality too is molded by their desires.

  1. They will not apologize

They believe that they are superior to everyone else and you are always right and all the others owe you the best things possible and you also cannot accept your follies. They don’t ever apologize as they don’t care about others feelings and they always think that they are right.

  1. They create their own facts

They’ll make others working for their welfare b making other see things through their perspectives. They have the ability to alter facts as real.

  1. They do not value your time

They never care for your time and only means to the goal they want to achieve. They don’t waste their time for others but they demand the same.

  1. They don’t feel guilt or regret

They think that they are above everything and nothing makes them feel bad. They use others to reach their goals, but they don’t regret or feel guilty for using them.

  1. They will often hide information

They want to make others believe them blindly and for that, they hide information. Anyhow they will protect their mask by tricking people.

  1. They are irresponsible

They do not think of the consequences or the long lasting impact of their action as it is all-important to them. They don’t care for the mess they create, they only think of their goal. Once the goal is achieved they go for another.

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