14 Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Contrast Of The Two Worlds We Live Between

Ugur Gallen shows us the contrast between two worlds found in oneself.

Unfortunately, although many do not see it, the world is divided , but the routine makes that although this division is very noticeable, we seem to have a blindfold because although it sounds bad, most of us are selfish beings who think exclusively of ourselves and our good regardless minimally in those around us.

Ugur Gallen slaps us with reality with some images that make us reflect and question ourselves about what we are doing wrong.

Some of us are so immersed in our own “problems” that sometimes they are more banal things that we ignore the ordeals that others go through every day and that they must overcome in order to survive.

Gallen shows in the photographs how death and destruction are becoming something everyday , this contrast is the strength of his work and with it he is making an increasingly lost society reflect.

Gallen’s work shows two worlds in a single photograph and at the very least should make us think about how lucky many of us are, about the injustices that exist and about how we could change and improve our lives and actions.

Next, the harsh reality of two worlds that meet in oneself:

    What do you think about these photographs?

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