14 Habits of People with Concealed Depression

Depression is a very serious mental illness and has been unnoticed for years. People with depression are battling with themselves. They will never want to share their struggles and burden those who are around them.

These people don’t want to show their pain, they will always want to bottle up things and attempt to remedy on their own. While reading this I am sure that you also know someone who needs you to understand what they are going through. These 14 habits are some of the most common I have noticed in people dealing with concealed depression.

  1. They are often quite talented and very expressive.

Most people deal with mental illnesses and this suffering gives them deeper emotions. They won’t show us their sufferings, but their struggles are always reflected through their work. They are people who can really bring something beautiful out of their darkness that consumes them.

  1. They tend to search for purpose.

We are all here for a purpose, we can’t just wait without doing anything. They will wonder, why are they here existing and they also want to know the reason why. They are always in a search of something that they will never be able to achieve.

  1. Sometimes they make muted cries for help.

We all need help and company of someone we need the most. We never want someone to feel weak and see them crying. However, if we are able to notice their cries and help them, we will be able to create a very close and trust-filled bond with them.

  1. They interpret substances differently.

A person who is dealing with depression usually knows what the best thing to ease their pain is. They will always go for some medicines and some caffeine and sugar which will instantly lift their mood. When they are compared to other people they will always have to put a lot of effort to feel better.

  1. They often have a very involved perception of life and death.

People suffering from depression are searing answers to life’s deepest questions. They tend to shift from one terrible mindset to another, but all depressed people do not deal with suicidal thoughts.

  1. They have strange eating habits.

These people won’t be able to eat much when they are at their worst moment, but this can differ from person to person.

  1. They have abnormal sleeping habits.

People with depression will often sleep. Sometimes these people will find hard to sleep while there are some times where that it is the only thing left for them to do. Depressed people often deal with helplessness and this will rock their world.

  1. They have abandonment issues usually.

If you have dealt with abandonment then you know how terrible it can be. When someone walks out of your life it can be devastating, but this impacts for those who deal with depression much more than other people. It causes them to be more and more secretive about their feelings and creates a fear within them of being abandoned by their loved ones.

  1. They are professionals at coming up with ‘cover-up’ stories.

They are experts in hiding their feelings. They will never show what they are going through. They will make excuses for anything. They know how to change the topic within seconds.

  1. They might have habitual remedies.

Depressed people will have their own routines, such as exercise, listen to music, go walking and etc. this will be helpful for them to ease their minds.

  1. They are always making efforts to seem happy.

These people are very good at making their moods. They will always show that they are very happy and normal to others.

  1. They seek love and acceptance.

People with hidden depression are not hiding their depression because they want to be dishonest, they are just working to protect their hearts. These people want to be loved and accepted just like everyone else.

  1. They have trouble shutting off their brains.

These people process everything going on in their lives at a fast speed. They over analyze the good and the bad making everything impact them much deeper. Their brains are like sponges that absorb everything that comes through their way.

  1. They hurt when other people hurt.

When other people are suffering it brings them down to their worst points. This sort of thing often triggers their emotional pain and can be crippling.

You can always help someone who is suffering because of their worst points. If you or someone you care about is suffering from concealed depression either get help or offer a helping hand. Fighting this alone is not an easy task or productive. The world can be a wonderful place if you get the help you need nothing can stand in your way. You are not a burden to others and the people who love and care about you want to help you, let them.

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