13-Yr-Old Builds Own House For $1,500: Look When He Opens Door And Reveals 89 Sqft Masterpeice

Most adults wouldn’t dare consider building their own homes, let alone the feat, and the biggest homes that most middle school students have ever created come in the form of legos and Lincoln logs. Luke Thill is 13 years old and from Dubuque, Iowa. But he is not like any other middle schooler, he has attempted and accomplished what many adults would never even dream of doing. He built his own house at his younger age.

Luke’s Project

In his society, most of the children tend to iPads, X boxes, and smart phone games. But this young boy is talented, determined and utterly proactive and has gone above and beyond the ability of his peers. He has built his own house in his parent’s backyard, spending only like $1,500. He explained on his YouTube channel that he was bored during the summer and decided to entertain himself in a quite unconventional way. He made a solid plan to put into action after some thorough research and YouTube-video-watching.

Luke has spent like a year to get the money and materials to build his small house. He mowed lawns, organized an online fundraiser, and ran errands all to raise money for his project. He also made smart deals with friends, such as an electrician who helped him with the electricity installment in exchange for a garage clean-out.

He has used 75% recycled materials to build his house. He also used things which were left from his grandparents’ house, and a front door that was a gift from his uncle’s friend. Luke’s parents also helped with the building process of the house and also with the finances. But, the majority of the work and payment was done by Luke said Luke’s father, Greg.

Greg also said that “It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports. It teaches life lessons.”

Luke’s “life lesson” is in an 89-square-foot home that is 10 feet long and 5.5 feet wide, decked out with electricity, but still not plumbing. It’s a super house with a TV, microwave, and loft with a bed. Luke said that “I liked the idea of minimalism. And I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.”

What’s Next

Luke has created some videos and posted them on his channel while building the house as he wanted people to be curious about his construction. He also has plans to build another house for himself, one that is slightly bigger and will be functional for when he begins college. He wanted to inspire others, saying, “I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age.”


He is very proud of his work and accomplishments. He’s a good example for everyone including children of his age. His story reveals that if anyone has a clear goal, a strong work ethic, and proper family support, you can accomplish anything.

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