13 Things You Should Never, Ever Google

Google is a tool which can take away ignorance with just one click and there are things that should not be looked up. If you want to have your sanity and happiness, never Google these following things.

  1. Nikki Catsouras

In 2006 she had to face a very brutal and messy accident and even her own parents couldn’t recognize her mangled body.

  1. Symptoms

If you search your illness on Google, is can think than you have the every possible disease in the world. Go for a doctor without asking from Google.

  1. Clock Spider

A man has posted a picture of a spider crawling out of his wall as large as the clock and it has become full of many more pictures of these creepy, crawly, eight-legged beings.

  1. Lamprey

The grossest thing on the internet is a jawless fish which shares its name with a made up disease.

  1. Jiggers

It is a kind of sand flea who like to lay their eggs deep within the human skin, particularly that of the leg.

  1. Kid Criminals

Do not look for kids who’ve committed crimes even for fun as they can be even crueler than one of the most seasoned adult criminals.

  1. Spider bites, especially those by Brown recluse

Spider bites are the most gruesome and ugly pictures and these affected sites can be too gross to see.

  1. Skin Conditions

If you look through skin diseases and their visual representations, it can give nightmares for many-a-days.

  1. Mucus

You’ll understand this without any explanations.

  1. 1 Sandbox, 2 Kids

This is one of many internet trends come which should never seen the light of the day. Don’t search it, unless you want to see the yuckiest thing a man and woman are capable of doing to each other.

  1. Tub girl

It is an oversized girl, excreting some sort of orangish liquid from her rear.

  1. Peanut, the Dog

This poor baby has lost his eyelids, lips from an ugly fire-related accident and it is a hard site to see.

  1. Bedbugs

If you search them it will give you nightmares as well as make it very hard for you to sleep peacefully on a bed. If you want to see them search it at your own risk.

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