13 Crucial Things Every Person Needs to Learn by the Age of 30

We’ll finally get a feeling of awareness and independence and understand our aspirations and true wishes after we turn 30. You should learn some things if you want make your dreams a reality and get the maximum success in your life.

Here are 13 important factors that every person should do by the age of 30.

  1. Find a job that you enjoy
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After graduating from a university, we find several jobs, working offices, salaries, and several professions. But, it’s really important to find the best job that brings you satisfaction and opens opportunities to develop your carrier by the age of 30.

  1. Learn to cook your signature dish
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You may know all the recipes to cook or you may hate cooking. But, you need to have a special dish that you’ll cook better than anyone else. Having a signature dessert is also optional. You can also add new features to your dish so that you can be confident when some important visitors visit to your home.

  1. Understand who your true friends are
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When we’re young, we have many people around us and we think that they all are our friends. But they’ll disappear after some time and only true friends will stay close to you. They’ll stay with you no matter what happen and help you at any situation. Appreciate them who are with you when no one is there.

  1. Stop telling everyone the details of your personal life
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You should remember that not to tell everyone about the issues between you and your partner in order to keep you relationship strong. Visit a psychotherapist if you really want to share your worries as he can listen to you carefully and help you with your problems.  By this you can find your weaknesses and find out the correct way out of the situation.

  1. Prioritize correctly
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We always try to do many things as possible and hurry through life. While we are focusing on the small things, we neglect important things. So, it’s really important to learn to prioritize things and to do the most important things first.

  1. Find money and time for vacation
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You’ll have to face with moral and physical exhaustion and reduce your overall efficiency if you are lack of rest. So, spend money on a vacation to have a rest and it’ll reload you. Save 20% of your salary every month for a future vacation.

  1. Get a driver’s license
Woman’s driver license. Female hands holding plastic id card.

When you get a driver’s license, you’ll start dreaming about buying a car and so that you’ll increase the level of your income. And also you can rent a car when you are going on a vacation and it’s easier for you.

  1. Provide yourself with extra income
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By the age of 30 make sure to have an extra source of income. Having some income or your own business can be freelancing. You can’t guarantee you a stable future, even if you work in the most stable company in your city. So, when you have any other source of income, you can handle any critical situation.

  1. Move out of your parent’s house
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When you live at your parent’s house, it can be very convenient to live with them. But, you should move out from your parent’s home by the age of 30. This will help you to plan your budget and maintain a house alone.

  1. Learn to give speeches in public

Many of people are afraid when they are to give a public speech or even to talk to a stranger. But you should overcome your fears. A person received with respect and attention when they always stay calm and doesn’t use parasite words. You’ll get rid of insecurity when you talk nicely and when you be able to present your project successfully, you can persuade your boss in increasing your salary and can stop any kind of debate or conflict beneficially.

  1. Find your style
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By the age of 30 you should have your own personal style that makes you feel comfortable. You’ll forget about the eternal problem of choosing what to wear when you found your personal style. Then you’ll know what to wear to outline your personality and uniqueness. It’ll also help you easily choose new clothes that will match the rest of your wardrobe. You should remember that appearance makes the first impression about you which is why it’s very important to feel comfortable in it.

  1. Read classical literature
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Though we learn classical literature at school, we don’t really realize the depth of them. So, at you 30s don’t be lazy, reread all those famous classical novels. You’ll perceive them differently; you’ll notice more details, hidden hints and even connections with today’s world. It’ll also help you to increase your cultural awareness.

  1. Get yourself in good shape
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We’ll be in shape up to certain age. Eating things on late nights will not affect our body shape too. But, over the time, overall muscle tone decreases and metabolism slows down. So, you need to do exercises and sports in order to stay in good shape and healthy.

Bonus: 4 simple steps to become happier

There is not anything called the “happiest age” according to statistics. At any time, we can be happy. Here are a few simple steps to keep the level of happiness at a maximum level:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes each day in silence stay away from everything: phones, laptops, work etc.
  • Refuse your bad habits and desires as they take too much of your energy.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Get yourself a clean home as messy home creates a messy mind.

If you want to share something, add them in comments.

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