13 Common Things Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing

Emotional damage can cause physical damage too. Even though we don’t want any heartbreak it affects us as a person.

When we are going through something, it shows on the outside. Even many of us cannot notice it, some people do. It’s not easy and fun to learn the lessons that come with being broken many times. But without realizing it we do things to protect ourselves. After reading this you will know these things to be true if you are a woman who has been through far too much.

13 Things Women Who Have Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing It:

  1. They stop taking love seriously

They no longer seek for love. They know that it will come back and they hesitate when someone tries to love them. They are more closed off than they were before.

  1. They doubt others more

They always doubt you and even your intentions as they don’t want to go through again and will not jump into anything soon. Even though you show interest on them don’t think that you have good intentions.

  1. They put up walls

They try to protect themselves by putting barriers as they know what this world does to people and they don’t want to be a part of it. They always will stay away from others.

  1. They accept sadness as a part of life

They are better at dealing with sadness, so they don’t allow happiness to cal their minds home. They ever forget that feelings as they have gone through it so much.

  1. They stop sharing

They are not open again and become more reserved. They will not give so easily as pain changes people.

  1. They trust less

They don’t trust anyone. If you want their trust you should earn it to an extreme extent. You may as well go ahead and pack up if you are expecting them to give you the benefit.

  1. They are strong

They have grown stronger with what they have been through. They have become strong and stronger than you might think.

  1. They think of romance as ‘fake’

They won’t believe in romance anymore. They won’t fall into the sweet trap again as they know it.

  1. They focus on themselves

They care about themselves than before and do not let others in their way. They know what they want and will not anyone keep them from getting it. The first thing they care is about themselves.

  1. They get rid of toxic people

They get away from toxic people. If you are not supporting them you don’t belong in their lives. They only keep people who are with them when hard times come.

  1. They stand on their own

They stand without the help of others. They are independent and don’t need anyone for their support. They are used to live without company.

  1. They refuse to make excuses

They won’t make any excuses for the behaviors of others. They will call you out on it and nothing gets by them anymore if you make a mistake.

  1. They stop taking risks

They will not love again easily as taking risks of the heart is no longer an option. With good reason they are more closed off.

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