Here Are 12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

We think that we know what evil is. But true evil is much more intelligent that we even don’t recognize it. People are essentially good. Sometimes they turn out to be evil, but still, there will always be some good in them.

We may wish to see the good in everyone. But there are some people who will be ready to use whatever good is left in them for a sinister purpose. They are genuinely evil.

They will walk over corpses with no remorse, and they do not pick favorites. You will be used, manipulated, and thrown away like trash without any second thoughts if you get in their path.

As we are used to seeing the good in everyone, they will make us blind to the evil that permeates them.

These 12 warning signs will tell you if a person is evil. If you see them in someone, you will know whatever good is left in them. They will use that good against you.

01 Denying reality

They will not agree with the truth you know. These people believe a different truth. They will never agree with the reality that really is. And this is not a difference of subtle difference. This is about facts versus their twisted ideals and interpretations.

02 Twisting facts

They have the ability to twist any fact that they come across. They are trying to impose any fact that does not agree with their goals. They will take things out of context; glue them to other things taken out of context and create ‘alternative’ facts that align with their purpose.

03 Withholding information

They are ready to withhold any relevant information if they believe that something will compromise the identity they are trying to create. “I didn’t lie! Not sayin1g anything about it isn’t lying.”

Even though they are lying or not, they keep this information from the others and use their ignorance of the situation to their ends. They will twist the truth and spice things up and make you feel guilty of not trusting them if you find it out.

04 Misleading people

In order to make you feel afraid, vulnerable, attacked, hated, or incompetent, they will use some truth to twist it in such a misleading way. They have the ability to pick the right words to evoke any emotion they intend to create in you.

You will definitely believe the things they say because of the way they presented it. They know how to create enemies in your mind using simple words and make you feel like you are doing everything wrong. They use their words as their weapon, and they handle it nicely.

05 Lying constantly

Their ‘sincerity’ is wrapped up in silver-tongued lies. They express themselves by lying. They are unable to construct a thought in their head without thinking of how something juicy could also be included too.

They lie as it’s a pleasure of fooling those around them and to gain something out of it. They will tell you a dozen things to cover it up in each time you catch them in a lie. They will explain to you why they were forced to lie about it. Then you might even start feeling sorry for them.

06 Remorselessness

They don’t worry for anyone they have destroyed, are destroying, or plan to destroy. People are pawns in their game. Best people are the best pawns. They will use the good in you to work for them, and they will treat you like garbage in the process.

They see an opportunity in every weakness people expose. They enjoy other people’s pain and they do not see a reason why those people should not experience such pain.

07 Avoiding responsibility

Evil people do as they please and they will never feel responsible for the pain they have caused as they do not have a moral compass. They start redirecting if they sense that some sort of blame is going to hit them.

They pass their blame onto others. They will never say sorry for anything. They think that apologizing to be a virtue of the weak. In the end, you apologize for their mistakes.

08 Manipulating

They are very clever in manipulation. They plan ten steps ahead and they know the purpose of their manipulation.

They will make you feel stupid and do the things they are not competent at doing. After all they take all the credit, leaving you feeling that you were not competent enough to do what you did.

09 Fair-weather friends

They will come for your aid for a purpose which involves them in the end. They will also be around when things go well, and they will disappear when things go sour.

Don’t expect support from these people. Remember that you are being played and that you will end up being the pawn in their well-devised game if you get support from them. They will only stay with you if there is something to take out of you.

10 Stealing your time

They will subtly get under your skin and make you lose track of time if you have some kind of deadline or other important events with close people and family. They don’t like if you are being better than them in any way. Don’t expect to be good when they are around as they only want to ruin that expectation.

They will show up and mess up your plans in the right time. They will even put on a concerned face and watch you lose your mind as things start spiraling down at the end.

11 Leading double lives

They will never reveal their true lives to you. When they come into question, they will say that they lead double lives with an underestimated expression. They lead a hundred lives, each life more different than the rest.

They play different roles with every person. They have a well-devised history to tell that would accompany the image they are trying to portray. But, nobody really knows their true essence or past.

12 Control freaks

They have to be in complete control over the situation to hold everything together. If they see that someone else is trying to earn your trust and be a genuine friend, they will easily get possessive and controlling.

They can feed off them with the control they have over others. They lose their precious pawns if they lose this control. Once they start losing control, it all becomes very evident.

A person who is with all these qualities or at least one, you are dealing with someone who is truly evil. They will never change for you, as you mean nothing to them.

You should definitely break free from their control and manipulation and go on living your life surrounded by genuine and sincere people. If someone is trying to look perfect, they have something they are hiding beneath as nobody is perfect.

Know who you are surrounded by, and be away from toxic and evil people.

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