12 Signs of True Intelligence That Can’t Be Faked

Some personal skills that are considered as useless or negative can be actually a person’s high level of brain activity. If we consider the example of Einstein, was he a looser?And also there were so many geniuses who looked like foolish but finally they made the world to think about them and they were extraordinary intelligent.They were called useless because they didn’t fit to the conventional boxes that society builds.

Below are 12 signs that you can find how intelligent you are,

01 They use their left hand or both

In various experiments, like in 1995 by the New Yorker journalist Maria Konnikowa, it was found that left handed people are more adept and they are with “divergent thinking”- a form of creativity that helps to generate new ideas. So, try to use your left hand if you are right-handed and this will activate the undeveloped areas in your mind.

02 They worry about things

During one study, scientists asked 126 fundamental school kids to fill questionnaires about how often they feel worried about something, pay attention rumors, or think about situation that make them feel upset.The results showed that who are more worried got more points in the non-verbal intelligence test. Finally scientists came to a conclusion that who are always more worried do their work more properly.

03 They have an incredible sense of humor

Some scientists held one interesting experiment at the University of Mexico with 400 students. They took tests on their abilities to discuss certain topics and finally the students were asked to select captions to some pictures from cartoons.These captions were examined by independent evaluators and it showed that 86% of students who had more points had chosen funny captions. And the same test was done with comedians and all of them had earned marks more than the verbal intelligence test.According to the scientists, humor affects intellectual abilities, keeps the nervous system and brain in a good shape and it makes you smarter.

04 They are always curios about everything

This characteristic even makes them in trouble too. But, they are always curies to learn something and explore new things. They just don’t follow the orders but ask why something has to be done in a certain way. They are always innovators and explorers.

05 They are a night owl

There are so many experiments had been held and they all are proven that the intelligence level is higher than average people who awaken at night. They always prefer to awake at night.

06 They can’t remain focused for long-term

Scientists have proven that if people get distracted by any small thing are smarter than others and it is hard for them to keep all in control.

07 They are used to walking quite a lot

This is also a point that has been proven by many experiments. Those who have get used to walk more even they have various means of transportation available are smarter than the others.

08 They know that they don’t know much

“The smarter a person is, the more he doubts his cognitive abilities.” This phenomenon is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. People who are really smart are never satisfied with what they have learnt and they still want more to learn.

09 They have better self-control

Smart people are good at suppressing emotions and able to manage impulsivity. They think a lot before starting doing something.One psychological study questioned the respondents to choose between two options- to get less money immediately or to get more throughout the year.The results illustrated that the respondents who choose more money but later were the more self-controlled people and they earned more points in different tests and achieved more success.

10 They are procrastinators

Steve jobs, Adam Grant were some of the scientists who have admitted to being procrastinators. They all used the procrastinating ways to their advantage and they have a higher cognitive demand.

11 They always need something to nibble on

It’s a well known fact that chewing gum increases the concentration and the brain activity. Scientists have proven that smart people always have a habit of chewing something constantly. It makes the brains open to reflection and self-analysis.

12 They sleep often during the day

Smart people’s brain work more intensively and get tired soon and also get recharged faster. Even the greatest genius Leonardo da Vinci used to sleep every 4 hours during the day.In order to refresh your mind you have to reload your brain, so you can have at least 20 minutes power nap.

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