12 Signs it’s Time to Move On and Burn All Bridges

No friendship or relationship is destined to last forever. We often gather people in our lives, develop various kind of friendships and relationships, and make try to make the best out of it and also lose people due to the natural cycle of life and death.

Do you wonder thinking about the right time to move on from a relationship that feels doomed? Should you wait it out? Should you try to pick up the broken pieces and for how long? At what point it is acceptable to walk away and never look back?

We can always burn bridges to cut down relationships, but it can be a tough and serious decision to make. Normally when we are burning bridges we tend to cut off all the contacts and try not to return back. Sometimes you might be also struggling with these decisions and there are few things you might like to know.

When Burning Bridges is the Wrong Choice

It is not always right decision to cut off people. If we are trying to reject a person as soon as possible then it always causes problems within ourselves, the problem originates more within us than them.

Burning bridges can always be a wrong choice if you want to dispose of a person in fear of intimacy and the unwillingness to be vulnerable. These decisions can be exacerbated and deepen your insecurities. If you feel uncomfortable with sharing your life with another person in a relationship or friendship. Then the problem is not with that person, but the problem you have is with yourself. It is your own internal fears and traumas. In order to work through this problem, be honest with yourself and the person in your life. You can always try to sort out issues by having a conversation if they truly love you they will always change things for you.

Another example of the wrong time to move on from a relationship is when you are in the heat of anger or in another strong reaction. Whenever we are with lots of emotions our logic is overridden and we are unable to think clearly. If you want to prevent yourself from making risk decisions, you can force yourself to breathe in a ne out for a couple of minutes. It will help you to settle your mind and body.

The final example of a wrong time to move on is when a relationship changes and stops being fun and exciting all the time. So many people tend to mistakenly believe that there’s something “wrong” with their relationship as it matures and grows because it’s no longer filled with the same ecstasy experienced at the beginning. But the reality is that every relationship changes: you will not experience the same dizzy euphoria as you did when you first fell in love. But there will be new emotions to experience as you grow and change with your partner. It is normal to feel a bit of boredom every now and then, but this does not necessarily mean that you need to burn bridges and move on. Obviously, if you’re feeling constantly bored and unfulfilled then you should seriously reconsider your relationship. But don’t make the mistake of hopping from partner to partner in an attempt to find that one person who makes you feel euphoric 100% of the time. It just won’t happen.

12 Signs it’s Time to Move On

  1. They don’t show interest in your thoughts, opinions or needs.

Your relation can be very lopsided. Whenever you want to express your thoughts and needs, you ate met with a blank. Life will always seem to revolve around the other person, and when you needed to have a conversation towards yourself, this person will change the topic immediately. You may also find that this person doesn’t give you attention and never shows interest in your needs. They will never make an effort to pay attention to you. This person will always think about themselves first and then think about you.

  1. They emanate constant negativity.

Whatever you may do or say the other person is always unhappy with you. He might be picky at all times and talk bad about others. You may always feel bad and miserable about the time spent with this person. This is like a damp heavy blanker suffocating your soul.

  1. They don’t encourage your freedom.

If your partner is authoritative, you must back away slowly. He might try to control you always and won’t let you act freely. You must never be trapped by anyone. Then it’s the right time to move on.

  1. They twist the truth.

It’s hard for you to trust someone who has lied to you so much earlier and has broken your trust repeatedly. He has never been transparent to you.

  1. They don’t prioritize your relationship

This person will never value your relationship as much as you do. You will always try to put so much more for them or improve your relationship, but they won’t care whatever you do. They will always prioritize themselves more than you. They won’t care for you they will always love to spend their time with others. They won’t be open to any commitments.

  1. They create constant drama.

They will always try to be surrounded by dramas and you are the only person who has to deal with it which is a problem. If you have made them happy somehow, they will find a reason somehow to be unhappy about.

  1. They feed off your energy.

This person is happy to be filled with your emotions and attention. They will be very happy thinking that they have power over you. You will always feel tired of being around them. If you feel this way, you’ve likely got an energy vampire on your hands. While I don’t particularly like this term, it accurately describes people who enjoy leeching off our energy

  1. They’re relentlessly needy.

This person seems to constantly demand attention, pampering, affection, and favors from you. You’ve tried encouraging this person to stand on their own two feet, but they seem intent on clinging off you. This person seems to be incapable of being self-assured and constantly seeks approval from you.

  1. They have physically hurt you.

In moments of rage, your friend/partner/family member may have hit you or physically hurt you. Later they also may have apologized from you, but your trust and confidence around them have been broken already which is useless. Physical abuse is a crystal-clear sign that it’s time to move on and burn bridges, forever.

  1. They make you want to hide your true self.

You’ve tried being relaxed and open around this person, but you’ve been met with coldness, criticism or judgment. As a result, you may have resorted to hiding your true self and wearing a mask instead. This might make you forget who you are and who you were and automatically you will have a shell formed around you.

  1. They manipulate you.

You chronically feel emotionally blackmailed by this person. This person will always try to manipulate you.  Sometimes you even feel like you’re the abuser, when in fact, they are just playing mind games with you.

  1. They intentionally hold you back.

On the surface it may appear that your friend, partner or a family member has “the best intentions for you,” but really, they don’t.  They don’t want you to reach your full potential, for that will make them feel left behind. They don’t want to see you happy, for that will reflect how unhappy they are. Unhappy people want to be surrounded by other unhappy people because it gives them some sense of consolation. As a result, you might feel like you have to dim down your lights, blend in, and become a wallflower.

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