12 Sad Signs That Indicate You Are No Longer Special For Your Partner

Every relationship is not happy ever after. The beginning can be awesome or spontaneous but, they turn to stagnate or even sour.

Here are a few signs that you are not special anymore for your partner.

They try to avoid you

There can be offhandedness in their demeanor and avoid doing gestures to show their love towards you.

They no longer pay attention to you

They will not focus on you no matter what you do. Their focus is on something or someone other than you as they have already moved on and you will not able to make them reconsider.

You always end up being the culprit

They will always blame you, no matter if the issue is big or small as they no longer respect you and think that you can’t do anything right.

There seem to be a scarcity of conversations

You don’t have anything to talk about. Even when you try to talk with him, he will refuse you.

They are never there, but always have an excuse

They don’t have any time to spend for you. They would make million other excuses if you call them out on this behavior. But the real reason for this is you are no longer their priority.

They no longer support you

They don’t have any patience on you. Their annoyance can be triggered by anything and everything.

You start blaming yourself

You’ll wonder what you did to solicit such a behavior from them. And later you’d question your choice of being in a relationship with them.

They no longer include you

You are no longer a part of their life and they never consider what you would want to do 3 months from now.

They don’t even bother to explain their behavior to you

They never want to explain of their anything to you.

They are always causing you hurt

You should take the cue and leave when the bad memories start overtaking the good ones.

They say you are encroaching on their personal space

Young couple arguing

They always want to be left alone. Grant them their wish if it’s the latter they want.

There is mutual distrust

Both of you will no longer feel connected as you have been separated from hearts.

You should leave straightaway when you find yourself in these situations. When the other person clearly doesn’t care about you, there is no reason why you should have to stay with him.

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