12 Rules That Rich People Follow to Save Money

Knowing how to save money for later is one of the most important parts of smart money management. If you want to success you have to maintain healthy financial habits. You will have a brighter future by having discipline and the knowledge to plan what to do with our earnings.

78% of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck and 22% have figured out ways to help themselves get forward financially. These self-made millionaires live a lifestyle we only dream to have.

Follow the 50/30/20 Rule

This ratio teaches us how to spend each paycheck in order to invest in our futures and live better financial lives. Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard bankruptcy expert, and US Senator says that 50% of our income should go to necessities such as insurance payments, food, housing and clothing.

You should know the difference between needs and wants. A need means something we have to have and can’t live without such as food, shelter, clothing, and health. Wants, we like to have but not very necessary.

Wants can be considered as the next 30% of your after tax income such as things like entertainment, gifts, and other non necessities. The other 20% should go for paying debts and to save money for retirement.

The 24 Hour Rule

This rule can be used to practice delayed gratification. It says to stay 24 hours before buying that is not essential. Reducing impulse buys can help us to stop buying on impulse. 24-hour rule is followed by many millionaires. Millionaires are smart enough to wait and think it over even though they have a very large income to buy anything they want.

Carry cash and use it

You can save more money in your bank if you focus on cash instead of credit cards. You don’t also want to pay credit card fees when you are purchasing something. A great way to control your finances is physically seeing money and having a daily, weekly, or monthly cash budget.

Live a frugal lifestyle and avoid adding debts

Wealthy people avoid debts whenever possible. A person who is living a frugal lifestyle has many benefits and they only make purchases that they are able to pay for. When wealthy people go on vacation, they don’t put the whole trip on a credit card. Credit cards can pull someone into debt for years even though it is a fast solution. You can also reduce the cut down on the additional payments due to interest rates. Many wealthy people abide the use of credit cards.

Make a shopping list looking for yearly sales and avoid paying full price

You can transform your relationship with money by having a financial plan. When you plan major purchases ahead you can have a pause and think of what you really want. You’ll also get the opportunity to find the best price possible. When you really want something, write it on a list, and wait a few days until you find the best price for it.

Invest in things that make you healthy and happy instead of splurging

Wealthy people make their money work for them by investing in things that bring them joy and also benefit their health. They also spend money on experiences which help them to improve health and quality of life and also benefitting their energy. They invest on things that give them well being in the future.

Enforcing no spending periods of time

This means no spending day, weekend, or month is straight forward. You can make food at home instead of buying them. Don’t spend outside for a longtime out of the budget unless it is an emergency. Moving through the feeling of wanting to buy will give you more control over your finances.

Focus on living with what you have, that will give you the feeling that you may already have everything you need.

Save the Change

At the end of every day, set aside a container where you throw in your loose change and that will help you see the monetary transformation through the week. You will come to know the value of every cent, and there will be a change in your relationship with money and the way you spend it. Try to save even the smaller bills. If you’re using cash and when you use small steps first, this amount of money can really add up.

Do not auto save debit cards or credit cards

You can spend money with the click of a button when it comes to online shopping. This will end up in you spending more money.  So, don’t save debit card numbers in browser settings, you can save your money.

You also need to think twice before you pay for some new splurge item with the shipping and handling fees.

Be patient with your money

As we all know when you invest, it takes time to result in a return. When you are planning to travel you tend to save money in the long run and be patient and work towards the goal in the future.

Becoming a millionaire is a long journey even though some people do achieve overnight success. This is the reason why people become millionaires at their 40s or 50s. Those people use diligence and patience to grow their savings instead of seeking a get rich quick scheme.

Fix things instead of throwing them away

Millionaires value what they have, even money and it leads to saving money. They find a way to fix something that is broken rather than replacing it with a new one. A long way for many rich people is just a little bit of effort. They have the spirit of commitment in their wealth.

Spend money on experiences instead of things

If someone needs a fulfilled life, they need to have happy memories that last a lifetime. A 20-year study conducted by Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University aid that, we shouldn’t spend our money on luxury items and we should spend them on experiences. Most wealthy people invest in their dreams instead of investing in material things.

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