12 reasons why older men date younger women

Age is just a number. There are many men who date younger women. In all around the world, we have seen such couples. The woman is 10 or 15 years younger than the man. Why women get in a relationship with a much old man? Why men prefer younger women, women that are much younger than them?

Here are 12 reasons that guide this choice:

01.The Younger The Better

A young person has its own charm and robust energy. But when someone gets old, they have to face lot of changes in life. Joint pain, bad back and low energy are some of the symptoms. This can take a toll on one’s sex life. Older men like the stamina women have and that’s why women attract older men.

02. Mid-life Crisis

Having a younger woman is a kind of validation for an insecure old man who has not achieved much in their life. Young women tend to admire deem as worthy of unconditional love. But old women only seek success and stability that may mark the sense of accomplishment in men.

03. The beauty of Youth

At old age, the beauty of youth is gone. But younger women have most beautiful bodies that have the ability to attract older men. These are also open to various experiments and it does not excite older women. Old men look for this broader mindset and receptive nature.

04. They Are Not Looking For Long-Term Relationship

Older men only look for flings and they don’t want serious relationships. This is the harsh reality of such relationships. Young women also don’t look for serious long-term relationships as they have lot of other options and can afford to move on quickly. This is an excitement for old men. They also date young women as they don’t want to bear the burden of responsibility.

05. Anonymity

The forbidden fruit always tastes better. As the society has contrasting social circles, these relationships are not public. It has become a great advantage for older men as they want to conceal their behavior.

06. Flexibility

Older men like new experiments and younger women are open to experiments and their body permits it. So, they can fulfill their dark fantasies which the older women would not do. Older men get thrills with the possibility of having their kinky desires turn into reality.

07.Lesser Work

Old men prefer young men as they are satisfied with little things. But, they may be insignificant for older women. Most old men want to escape the web of responsibility, so they choose young women. A primary factor of this relationship is young women is less work and easier to deal with.

08. Bare Minimum Effort

Younger women have less time as they will explore career options. Their priority is not the emotional attachment to men. Both the parties are looking for such situations as it’s perfect for a short fling.


Old men want to be in charge of the relationship as they are more experienced and the young woman usually is submissive. So, they want to pursuing young women and somewhat dominating them.

10. Quench His Ego

Old men love validation. They can put them in a position of authority and creates a social image by dating a much younger woman. It can be a victory and cringe worthy for them. Old men want to be pleased by the younger women and younger woman also want the same.

11. Less Chance Of Being Rejected

Young women also prefer old men as they don’t want to be rejected and old men don’t reject them. On the other hand, elder women may challenge his ego and cause him to turn away.

12. Sense Of Adventure

Older men date young women as they love adventure and thrill, the possibility of new experiences and fulfillment of fantasies. Young women spend a full of life and enthusiasm which the older men lack. So, they choose young women to have a relationship.

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