12 Funny Pet Reactions That Show Spontaneity

Pets become in a few moments an integral part of the family unit, they manage to be loved, but above all they learn to love their masters. When these little creatures interact with something new, they can’t hold back their emotions and let them show on their faces.

So here are 12 funny pet reactions that show what spontaneity is all about.

1.”He heard me sneeze for the first time and he pricked up his ears and widened his eyes.”


Just see his reaction to understand that it was the first time he heard a sneeze.

2.”He saw a ball, and he was immediately ready to run to catch it and bring it to his master”


You can see his eagerness to run after a ball and catch it.

3.The first time he saw snow: he couldn’t resist, he must have smelled it carefully, then he started playing with it


4.Two brothers who saw each other for the first time


“Two brothers, born five months apart, met for the first time. They couldn’t resist and hugged each other.”

5.A proud mother seeing her little one for the first time


6.Cat Luna tries to look at the leaf on her head


7.The first time she saw a small plant


“My little gardener, he saw the little plant and immediately tried to find out what it was”.

8.”My new kitten’s first encounter with the big ball of fire in the sky”


It seems to catch the sun coming through the window.

9.The first time he slept on his master’s legs


“We adopted this cat and for the past two weeks she has been very shy. Today for the first time she slept on my legs and turned her back to look at me.”

10.“Nimbus meets our dog for the first time, this is how he tries to scare him away”


11.He got a little scared

will read/Reddit

“He saw me with my hat and was scared, we see his intimidated face”.

12.You can see the joy in this little dog’s eyes.


“I took my little dog to the beach for the first time and he couldn’t stop smiling and running.”

Has your pet ever had spontaneous reactions like this?

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