12 absurd mistakes made on the job that are as obvious as they are hilarious.

No matter how much dedication, commitment and attention you can pay to your work , we all make mistakes. Small and big mistakes happen to anyone, especially in periods of particular tiredness , stress or thoughts that distract from what you are doing. No one is exempt from messes, the important thing is to know how to solve them and not repeat them constantly! However, some workers have really defied all imagination, managing to make their performances of real disasters that they could in no way conceal! The good thing is that, beyond the problems that may arise, they are undoubtedly very entertaining: the Reddit group ” Notmyjob “, i.e. “It’s not my job” , collects such cases, which users testify with all due respect to their employers and clients. For us, the result can only be a healthy laugh ! And for you? Scroll through these 12 images to be able to tell us. 

1. The alternative shower


“Landlord said he had installed shower doors …”

2. The old iPhone in modern times


“iPhone 14 is out and this store still has the iPhone 6 poster from years ago.”

3. Parking reserved for turtles


“I found this in Mexico .”

4. A light… out of place


5. The carefree shampoo


“I’m afraid to wash my hair …”

6. The upside down stop


“I entered the button , boss!”

7. Mixed signals

Mae Oneyz/Reddit

8. The state-of-the-art projector


“My school bought modern stuff. The projector was placed under the screen.”

9. Discreet cables


“I installed the cables , boss!”

10. Efficient bathroom door


11. Something is not right


These items hang neatly, too bad the direction is not the right one…

12. The missing number


“I’ve installed the new elevator button , boss!” 

Have you ever seen or made similar mistakes? Which of these do you find funniest?

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