11 Signs You’re With A Good Man

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius.

Al the men should be gentlemanly for those that they love, especially your partner. Women always like to marry a guy with a high character.

A good man always encompasses certain behavioral traits in a relationship. There are so much of them. Here are some of the signs of a good man.

Here are 11 signs that you’re with a good man:

He makes you feel beautiful (inside and out).

A good man will always make his partner feel beautiful. He will not just say in words but will make you feel beautiful within your heart too. By interacting with you physically and mentally he will make you feel beautiful.

He evokes a sense of inspiration.

He will always be a strong and unshakable character. He’s also inspirational in his words and deeds. He will surely inspire his partner to be the best version of her and evokes a sense of inspiration.

He is supportive more often than not.

He knows that it’s really important to support and accommodate a woman’s needs.  It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to be a yes man, he has to be supportive her when certain situation occurs.

He always seeks self-improvement.

A good man doesn’t over boast about himself, though he’s really intelligent, he still seeks self-improvement. He wants to become the best of him by learning something new, taking new responsibilities or getting into a better shape.

He makes you feel safe and secure.

A most important fact in a relationship is feeling safety and secure for any women. A good man ensures that such feelings are present. He will do anything to defend his woman in such situations.

He always seems to do the “little things.”

A good man will do little things such as holding the door open, pulling out the chair etc. he’ll not hesitate to stop his work and be supportive to his woman.

He is honest and forthcoming.

He will never cheat or lie to the most important person in his life. He will share everything with her even though it’s good or bad.

He is never abusive towards you or anyone else.

He’ll never abuse his partner in any form of physical, mental and emotional. He’s also not abuse any person in any situation. He’ll surely try to resolve the conflict with the strength of his character.

He stands by you wholeheartedly.

A good man truly loves you and he’ll stand by you in any situation. He’s not going to neglect you even if it is a more challenging situation. He doesn’t forget to stand by you.

He works to earn and keep your trust.

Trust cannot be forced, it should be earned. A good man will do anything to save this trust gained by her. He also never leaves his trust in-doubt.

He puts you first in every circumstance.

A good man will be selfless in his words and deeds. A good man will always put his woman first at every situation.

the source used : powerofpositivity.com

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