11 Eye Makeup Hacks For Beginners That Are Easy To Master

Most of us spend a lot of time for our eye makeup applications and it sometimes becomes messy too. And most importantly, making both wings the same is a hard task. Here we cover all the steps from perfecting the eyeliner to plumping eyelashes.

Here are some top eye makeup hacks:

First of all, before curling your lashes, heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer. We also can use heated eyelash curlers to help lashes curl better same as we use hot tools on our hair.

eyes appear bigger. If you want to create the illusion of bigger eyes you can also use nude eye pencil.

Then, use tape or sticky notes as a guide to master the perfect eyeliner flick or smokey eyeshadow. Then remove the tape or sticky note, lightly blend the corner to remove the harsh line for a smokey eye.

By following this tip, get the eyelashes plumping effect of high-end mascara with your favorite mascara. You also can dust some translucent powder or baby powder in between the coats of mascara to get thicker eyelashes.

As the next step, apply a shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner to brighten up your eyes and it will reflect light and make your eyes appear bigger. You can also add the same eyeshadow on your brow bone.

Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed as they are frames for your eyes. Use a pencil or eyeshadow powder that’s a shade lighter than your natural brow hair color. Use an old clean mascara brush or spooly brush to comb your brows as pencil can look a bit harsh and makes your eyebrows look like they are drawn on.

Heat the tip of eye pencil with a match or lighter to melt it into an eyeliner gel, if you don’t have eyeliner gel. Apply it using a liner brush or angled brush.

Use a business card above your lashes and apply mascara to cover your eyelashes. This is a perfect way to make sure that lashes are curled and covered with mascara.

You can use your mascara as an eyeliner if your eyeliner is missing. Then, dip your eyeliner brush in the mascara tube and apply.

Without applying the glue directly from the tube as it can be messy, first apply some glue on a bobby pin and then apply that on fake lashes.

Use individual eyelashes as they are easy to apply and seem natural. This won’t make you feel unsure about wearing fake eyelashes.

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