10 Ways To Make Your Vacation Photos More Interesting

We all want to take fantastic photos of our vacation. And we all love to take photos in the best possible ways in order t get more likes on Instagram. Here are some tried and tested ways to make your photos look more Insta-worthy, and have more likes.

Here are the awesome vacation photos

01. The Word “Happy”

We have seen many people taking group photos in different ways. Here is a way that the group’s shadows make up the word ‘Happy’. It’s a perfect way of taking a photo of your vacation.

02. The Braids

She has used her long braids for a perfect photo. Companies use hair to market their product, so why can’t you to market your photo.

03. The Burger

We all love burger. MacDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, all have their charms and aesthetic appeal. And here is a human burger, an amazing photo for more likes on Instagram.

04. The Half Circle

Many tourists spend their beach-time trying to recreate the perfect, never-ending; half circle to famous on Instagram, but it’s really a hard thing to create.

05. Chasing The Sun

Most of the Instagram profiles are filled with the old mirror selfies and candids. Instead you can try up with some chasing the sun pictures.

06. Kamehameha Pose

There is one person in every group who would love to pose like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. You also can try it with another partner who is willing to be the victim.


Here s something that photobomb these people, a cute fish.

08. The Ring

In order to metaphorically hold your friend within a circle and take an amazing photo, just hold up a ring while taking the photo.

09. The Group-fie

You need to pose vibrantly with a lot of people; to take such a perfect selfie and this has become the trend in selfie culture.

10. Holding On

Here is the most common yet iconic pose. It may make you look cheesy and it might make you look adorably cute too if you are cute.

Try one of these pictures for your next vacation.

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