10 Photos Which Tell Us That We Are Still Having A Better Day

We all used to think “why me”, whenever something happens badly in our lives. We also measure our miseries against with our friends or relatives. We also wish that others around us weren’t alright as well if we don’t quite feel alright or feel miserable. That’s the truth even if it sounds bad.

Here are 10 photos which will show you that your condition is not that bad after all and will assure you that you are having a better day than some others.

Count your blessings

You should count your blessings first of all. If you want to have peace in life you need to be content with what you have. Always be thankful that it isn’t worse than what it is.

Bad timing

You tend to blame your life whenever something goes wrong. All the bad situations that we are in are caused by an absurd scenario and very bad timing. You need to understand that life isn’t bad, situations are.


We all are dreaded by mathematics. But there are some mistakes that people make in calculating numbers which are more hilarious than dreadful.

Pain behind laughter

There are some people who are so humorous and funny and their life itself also becomes a joke for other people to laugh at. The people who laugh a lot are the people mostly in pain from within.

Heart all in pieces

There are some people who have their hearts broken up into a thousand pieces and still have no choice but to get along with their life. They only have the hope that it’ll get better someday.

Wrong place to be in

You may also have to end up in the wrong place sometimes just like this stag did. But, that will ruin your life and also it will kill you.

Waiting for God

We all sometimes are waiting for God to help us out of our miseries. We also wish that one fine day; it’ll all be over like a bad dream.

Could it be worse?

Just think of this man whenever you feel low or down when something went wrong at the last moment.

Dieting day #1

The very first day is the toughest part of any diet plan. On this day, you see all the good things that you’d love to eat but you really cannot eat.

Life is confusing

Our life often gets too damn confusing and eventually messy with so many things that we have to do.

You need to remember that your problems are not the worst in the world. Your day is as good as you make it. You have a better day than some others as the bad things in life are not in your hands.

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