10 Photos That Prove Why Women Prefer Bearded Guys

A beard can change a man into a whole different person. If a guy has a childish face, he can suddenly look mature and rugged if he grows the beard. Women like bearded guys as they think that smooth-cheeked men look like they’re still growing up.

Here are some photos that’ll make you realize why the bearded guys are attractive for women.

Listen To Your Barber

This guy didn’t look like he was something out of the ordinary before he got some advice from the salon. His best features were highlighted with the beard and a good hairstyle. And now, he’s very successful at modeling.

Growing Up

This man looks so suave after growing the beard. His beard and mustache have certainly lent flair to his appearance.

No Regrets

You need time and effort to grow the beard. You’ll also need to figure out what style suits you best. You need more hard work and dedication to keep your beard in good shape. But it’s really worth the struggle.

We’ve Got A Winner

This guy’s beard has made him a minor celebrity on social media. If he ever decided to shave again, one fan even said that he’d find him and hit him.

Are They The Same Person?

In the first picture, there’s a rather dorky-looking schoolboy, in the second picture there’s the very same dude looks like he’s a sophisticated gentleman. This transformation is really amazing.

From Adolescence To Adulthood

Once he looked like the average geek, but with help of a good beard, now he’s a poster boy. Puberty does wonders to some people, but it has found him a little later.

Personal Grooming

Men will blame women for wasting time and money on their appearance as they don’t know how important personal grooming is. People like to look good in their appearance as it makes great in the first impression.

Almost Unrecognizable

Here is the best example to show how much a beard can change your appearance. As he was totally different and got suspicious, authorities had to question him too.


Most people are busy dying away from their grey hairs, but there are also some people who rock the grey hair. He looks really like a warrior right out of a fantasy novel.

Attitude Adjustment

Every football player is always good looking. But this guy got the popularity after he grows the beard on his face. His life was fully changed with good hair and a good beard.

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