10 Lucky People Who Found the Rarest Things

We may not feel very lucky, but there are lots of lucky people around the world. They find some startling thing which can be worth a million dollars or a message hidden within it.

Here are some wonderful things that are really worth to see.

Here are some lucky people who have found some unbelievable things which have also made them famous:

Message bottle

Some people find extraordinary things which can be worthy of a million or many times they find something like a message inside a bottle and it indicates the timelessness in our lives.

A ball of glass

A couple who was walking around found a wonderful glass ball in one Hawaiian beach. It looks fascinating as it had transformed into a little marine ecosystem.

The sword from the Iron Age

A little girl in Lake Vidosten discovered a 1500 years old sword which is believed to belong to the Iron Age. It was found in Scandinavia.

Sea shell

We don’t see these sea shells with squid eggs present inside it on a regular basis as it is very uncommon.

Million dollar quartz

A man found this quartz with its flamboyant appearance, in Arkansas. This is 4 million dollars worth and we this man is earning his luckiest money now.

Fossil or Phone?

There is something you can laugh. Just think, how important is to have the old Nokia phones because of their amazing durability.

Almighty Dollar

How lucky you are to discover an old forgotten currency or a dollar which dates from 94 years before our present time.

The gigantic pearl

A fisherman found this giant pearl weighing about 34 kilograms and costing about 100 million dollars.  It was so astonishing and he was really to find this.


A man found this unexpected tiny little toy dinosaur beneath the ground when he was digging his garden.

Message in a bottle

People love to stroll around beaches to put a note inside a bottle and toss it in the water even though it sounds like a crazy idea. Just think how it will be to find a bottle with a message written decades ago. It will be really exciting.

Let us know any lucky people you know?

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