10 Ingenious Teachers Whose Classes Are So Good That One Would Not Want To Miss

If you just think that a teaching job is easy, just review the statement because then only you will know the story inside it. Teaching is a thankless job and a job where stagnation seeps after a short duration.

Many people like doing this job in a noble pursuit even after knowing all this. But the students and the management still don’t let them have it so easily. Here are some ingenious teachers who have figured ways to give it back to them.

See below to know some amazing ways these ingenious teachers have trumped the school kids.

  1. Glued calculator

One of the best ways to prevent your calculator from getting stolen was to stick it to a brick. Don’t you like to be friends with this innovative guy?

  1. The omnipresent cool teacher

This teacher is a very cool and concern one as he while on a fire drill he held up a photo of himself so that no kid gets lost.

  1. Classes must be fun with her

This teacher added a touch of magic to it to make sure that the students are engaged in the classroom studying. She has proved that learning can be fun in a Harry Potter styled class, designed by spending more than 70 hours in it.

  1. Nothing goes into waste

This teacher designed a warehouse from the tools that are not useful anymore and she teaches the creativity with learning.

  1. The artistic one

Without being a lazy teacher she thought of sketching the student’s faces herself only instead of printing the names of the students, it’s a nice display of art.

  1. Please do not disturb

Spanish teachers have found a way to get their way around who try to outsmart them. They have requested the students to keep their mobiles in a multi-pocketed sheet, which she brought to the class in order to the stop the distraction.

  1. Rhythmic knocks

The teacher has though his students how to use music in daily life. He wrote music to show different ways of knocking at the staffroom door.

  1. Setting an example

Here is a nice way to teach cooking lessons and she wrote down to double warn the students of the oven timer.

  1. Valentine’s for everyone

As she wants all her students feel the Valentine’s Day spirit to the maximum, she has hung hearts in the corridor with their names on it, and they had to find on their own.

  1. Cheating isn’t the best policy

Here is the most innovative thought to prevent cheating in class and this one wins the award for it. A teacher made her students put on anti-cheating, paper helmets while writing the exams in a Bangkok university. This is the most unique strategy so far.

Have you ever met with an ingenious teacher that you would not miss their class?

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