10 Illustrations Capturing The Reality Of Our Modern Society

This modern society is merely an illusion of perfection and it’s not even near to being perfect. We would not utter a word when a problem arises in our society and also we wish that we are not the ones who are going to be affected. We all know that pictures have the ability to speak louder than words. Here are some illustrations which depict the harsh truth of this modern society. This can be about people’s addiction to social media or their need to constantly be aware, but however, these illustrations very nicely sum up today’s sorry state.

  1. Natural foods lose its essence

In this society, foods are not about pure joy and hard earned day’s bread for us. Many fast foods have replaced them long back.

Here is an unnecessary luxury we feel where even vegetables which can quite easily be consumed by hands are being eaten through a fork.

  1. I can’t save you

In this modern society people don’t have time to be with each other and help others. Here it shows clearly in this sketch.

  1. Label her with names

When a girl where a short skirt people name her with different names without even thinking about hypocrisy. She is branded as a slut, easily available, proactive.

  1. Object of desire

The men are still in the primitive age, whose instincts are still of hunting and preying. When a girl passes we don’t forget to look at her in such a way that she is bound to feel uncomfortable.

  1. If you can’t plant, don’t cut at least

We only see rampant cutting of trees everywhere in a situation we are in the dire needs of pure air, greenery and shades of trees.

This depicts the harsh truth of the society.

  1. Computer and its perks

We all know what bullets, knives, arms; grenades can do to human minds.

But the same effect can have with the addiction to technology and computers.

  1. Sad state of animals

The animals in our ecosystem are slowly facing extinction and it’s a gentle reminder of how things are going to be in the near future

  1. Once their use is over

Everyone will forget you after their work are done and they’ll rather walk over you once the work is done.

  1. Knowledge is not respected

This is how things have panned out in the recent future. A Book which is placed at the bottom and television is placed at the top and this is not a good thing you see.

  1. Look at your own phone

There are some men who are so besotted and obsessed with women they simply can’t get enough of them.

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