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10 Gorgeous Women Who Prove Being Skinny Isn’t Better

People still do fat shaming even though is seems to be on the wane. There are also some people who even more unabashedly than before. Being thin can warrants modeling contracts from Victoria’s Secrets and being fat can insult you over social media. This is bad and we can’t stress this enough.

That’s not really good to hurt one’s self-esteem. Just sit with them and explain it to them, if someone is unhealthy. Don’t bother about them, if their weight is not a problem for them. Every person should be comfortable in their skins than having a social body image.

Here are 10 gorgeous women who prove being skinny isn’t better.

83 pounds to 110 pounds

‘@juliabaessler’ gained around 30 pounds from being seriously underweight. She was able to get the confidence and also the mental freedom after this.

103 pounds to 125 pounds

Instagram user ‘@emlouisefitness’ may have a hard time on herself in her journey to be fit and healthy. But now, she may feel extremely proud of herself.

103 pounds, to 130 pounds

Instead of focusing on simply being thin, Instagram user ‘@emilyskyefit’ wants us to focus on physical and mental health. What others ask of us, is not our concern. It is theirs.

Reverse Transformation

Most of the people in fitness industry would be horrified at a bodybuilder going to seed. But this woman has changed herself into a way that she’s really happy. Self-satisfaction is the most important thing of them all

92 pounds to 123 pounds

There are many people who want to let you down. But she has listen to her heart, and did what it says and gained weight. She looks pretty no matter how her body looks.

Fit, and Fab

Don’t think about the things that keep you back. One woman has done what her heart asked her to do.

Happiness and Chocolates

Instagram user ‘@lizagoldenreal’ has turned her body into the way what she always supposed to look.

85 pounds to 140 pounds

We can’t agree to the fact that ‘@kenziefitness_’ says, “Food is fuel”.

117 pounds to 130 pounds

Instagram user ‘@claireguentz’ has gained some weight after she met with an accident. And later, she used to create a superior body and now she is really grateful for that.

Pain, to Gain

‘@bodyposipanda’ doesn’t have all those shreds and rips, but she still loves her body and is really happy with her body

More than the cameras, you need to have a healthy body image.

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