10 Funny Things Which Happen To People

People have to face many misfortune things in life, but there are also some other worst things happen to people in a funny way. They can be hilarious and we feel pity for them. We can realize we are not alone and there are people who also had their misfortune like us, they just showed it in a funny way, when you see the following pictures.

  1. Scary Selfie

This is the same way we feel when we are trying to take a selfie and then someone comes from behind to scare you.

  1. Answer Is No

As he didn’t give any answer to say, you can’t say the answer no. But being smart is also the proudest thing like this girl who intelligently said no to him.

  1. DIY’s Are Lit AF

This is how a DIY’s has been invented when you don’t have anything but want to make something out of it like recreating it.

  1. People At Weddings

Most people at weddings feel so lonely but, they like to attend it like this girls expression behind the couple is so relatable.

  1. Peanut Butter?

Even though it looks so weird, we want out guesses to be right like maybe it is a peanut butter or some kind of paint.

  1. Side Effects Of Slippers

This is what happens if you wear it for a whole day and you will feel like that you got some kind of genetic problems.

  1. Patience Is The Key

A key to get what you want is patience. After seeing this image you will realize how patience the people in the wheels are and waiting for the emus to cross it quickly.

  1. Look Alike

People were staring at him and after getting some strange glances he realize the reason behind it.

  1. When Life gives You Lemon You Just Got Bad Watermelon

If you are going through a bad day just think of the guy who spends his money but not got what he expected.

  1. Couple Goals

There are so much of couple goals and many couples try something new and show it to others saying that they are power couples. If this is what relationship goals going to be then we feel sorry for the other.

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