10 Everyday Objects You Never Knew Even Had A Hidden Purpose

There are many objects we see in everyday life that we even don’t know there’s more than one use for them. We can use them for different purposes and resolve major problems in our daily lives.

Here are a number of everyday objects which have more potential than we are aware of.


We all use the headrest in our cars every day. But it also has some other attributes such as if your car gets submerged in water you can pull out the headrest and use the metal poles to shatter the windows so you can get out.


We stick our earphones in our ears and listen to the music coming from our devices. But, the holes in the earphones are actually marvelous pieces of engineering. The tiny opening on the face of an Apple earphone allows a little bit of air to circulate which speeds up transmission thereby giving you superior quality.

A Tiny Hole

There’s a small hole that sits in the middle of the space between the camera and the flashlight in iPhone. This is made to record the ambient noise around you in order to recognize and lower the noise when you’re speaking into your microphone.

Tiny Pockets

You may know about this already. The tiny pockets just inside your bigger pockets are to put the little things that might otherwise fall out.

Holes In Pen Caps

You may think that these holes are for air circulation. But they are mad for people, usually kids, who could accidentally swallow these caps and if they do, the holes prevent that person from suffocating.

The Bump Under J and F

You need good spatial memory when you need to type really fast as you can’t waste time looking for keys. In order to type fast without pausing, the little-raised lines on F and J serve as guides for your fingers.

Shirt Loops

You may think that the loop at the back of your shirt probably seemed inconsequential to you this whole time. But there’s actually a purpose. With that you can hang up your shirt without worrying about wearing a hole through the material.

Holes In Sneakers

Enclosed shoes can sometimes stink to high heaven so there can be two tiny holes on the side of each shoe in converse sneakers. It allows air to circulate to keep your shoes fresh and suction created by the holes also makes them fit better.

The Wooden Ends

There are wooden ends of chopsticks and they tell you that they haven’t been used yet. It is most likely that they’re used and you should dispose of them if they have been separated.

Laptop Chargers

As we all know the cords are used to charge laptops.  But there’s also more than that. These cords also pick up on radio frequencies and prevent them from interfering with the functioning of the laptop.

If you have any other use for everyday objects that make your life easier, let us know in the following comments.

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