10 Dreams We All Had While Growing Up!

Childhood was really wonderful!


One of the childhood dreams is to join the army. If we chased our dreams passionately this is a dream which fills your heart with pride.


This is a profession which is considered to be the holiest. But when we grow up, we turn out to be engineers.


This is a profession of which is most stylish and suave. But when we grow up we are quite afraid of this job.


Everyone wants to explore space and travel and meet the stars. But not all get the chance to achieve what they wish in their childhood.


When we were kids, we may want to change the nation. But no one would like it when they grow up.


Even though we dreamed to be a musician in our childhood, everything goes haywire once we grow up.


You may surely have dreamed of saving the world, not knowing how complex this simple world is.


Even though we wanted to become a designer who would construct buildings, our parents decide against it as architect is not an engineer.


Everyone would love to represent your country, play, win, and be proud. But everyone is not bold enough to pursue what they dreamed in childhood.

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