10 Cold Illustrations That Show Us The Harsh Reality Of The Existing Society

Time is the only thing which remains constant. There can be technology advances and wholesale changes with time. Two things which can never be stunted are innovation and progress, but one can only embrace it. The development of products which were hitherto unimagined was lead by technical innovations and brilliance. They also have a huge impact on the society. As they’re easy to use and help connect billions of people, they are all powerful. They can easily use their power for manipulating the crowd.  There are also many side effects that technology has on the existing society.

Theory of The Pothole

We are all addicted to the internet and even though we need deny this fact we can’t seem to run away from it. We completely forget the world around us the sooner we get the wifi network.

Letting social media get the better of you

We are very conveniently looking away at the reality of life as we are so hungry for validation on the social media. And also we take the word on social media so personally and let it affect us in more ways than one.

Facial Recognition

Even though we all thought that facial recognition would be a healthy thing which would help us identify ourselves in this world of cyber crimes and security in the future it is not promising.

Emotions won’t be a thing in the future

This place will totally be devoid of neither any emotion nor any connection, a robot kind of a situation.

Somethings would never change

This is something which would never leave us and would never change. The people in this society should be shame that why are so besotted with lust.

Global warming is near

We must accept that the Global warming is upon us. We must take care of the Earth for our own good. We would be facing at a huge problem if we don’t take immediate actions now.

Irony strikes

Sometimes ago parents used to literally pull their kids from the playground back to their home thinking that staying outside won’t help their child’s future and now the children are completely different. .

They can’t seem to help it

Men have a strange fixation to a woman’s back and they always have this on mind to make sure they draw a glance.

Just for social media you see

People nowadays do charity things as they will get a chance to showcase their good smarting skills on the web.

So much to learn right

Nowadays kids carry such heavy bags in the name of books, tutorials and knowledge semmination.

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