10 Brain Differences Between Men and Women

Even though there are some similarities between men and women, their brains are different. Some people used to say that males are simple beings, while females more are complex. Some also says that it’s a matter of character regardless of gender.

The male and female brains work differently and this is also been scientifically proven. The way people think and experience feelings, mathematical logic, space perception and perceptual speed, even the sense of space and sound are some of the differences which have been found in some areas of the brain.

As we all know there are two hemispheres in human brain which are responsible for many functions. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic while right for emotion and imagination. The men and women are equally developed both hemispheres and the way they use them make the differences.

Women can face a situation using both hemispheres as they have larger channels of communication between the two hemispheres and this is logic and emotion. But men use one of the two hemispheres this is logic or emotion.

The following pictures illustrate men and women in different situations and it show both truths and exaggerations.

These 10 brain differences between men and women will amaze you.

  1. Analytical Skills

  1. Car Driving

  1. Handling Emotions

  1. Language

  1. Lying

  1. Multitasking

  1. Problem Solving

  1. Speech

  1. Unhappiness

  1. What They Want

source used: truthinsideofyou.org

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