10 Body Language Signs Of A Person Who Likes You

We cannot believe the words when it comes to the question of whether somebody likes you or not. A much more honest indicator is body language signs. You can know that whether your partner really likes you or not by looking at their body language signs.

Here are 10 body language signs that would help you understand whether the person uttering ‘I like you’ is being honest with you or not.


Someone’s stance or attitude is the only thing you have when you meet them for the first time. But it can reveal many things about the person. You need to have a prior idea before you meet that person.

Subtle head gestures

A person who likes you and is interested in the things you are talking about is most likely to subtly, yet significantly, move their head. This is mostly done by women.

Smile and blush

A person who likes you will blush and lively smile towards you. When they are with the one they love or have a crush upon they have red cheeks and a broad smile.


There can be also negative indicators. It’s better to steer clear of them, if you see rudeness in a person the first time they meet you. They are doing that to get their ego satisfied.

Facial expressions

A person who likes you will show it on their face. They love to be in your company. When they hear a prospect of being with you they’ll have a shy smile upon their face.

Role play

The real nature of the person can be revealed by a person’s attitude towards the role they play while in a relationship with you.

Hand gestures

If the other person likes you, they will do hand gestures or movements, like putting the hand inside the waistband or clutching the purse.


If he staying close to you physically he obviously likes you, and the one cringing away, does not like you.

Speaking with the eyes

Eyes speak more than words. They will surely look into your eyes if they like you. They are more likely toroll their eyes if they don’t like you.

Eyebrow gestures

A person who raised eyebrows is probably being judgemental of you and one with placid eyebrows is more likely to be alright with who you are.

A person who likes you doesn’t guarantee that they’d want to have a more intimate relationship. You need more surety than these gestures in the case of sexual approaches. In that case you need distinct, clearwords like a YES or a NO.

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