10 Bedtime Habits of the Most Successful People

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” – William Shakespeare

Every person is captivated by success. We love to read success stories, interview successful people, and also we love to learn the way to become successful. Many people earn a lot of money through the production of success-related media, books, CDs, DVDs, classes, conferences. The most well-known success and self-help guru in the world are Tony Robbins and is estimated to be worth nearly a half of a billion dollars.

Every successful person has been asked: ‘What do you do in the morning?,’ ‘What’s your diet like?,’ ‘How do you balance work and home life?,’ ‘How much do you work out?, and etc.

Here are some interesting bedtime habits did by successful people.

Here Are 10 Things That Successful People Do Before Heading To The Sack:

They read

According to the behavioral experts, the very last thing a number of successful people do before going to sleep is reading. Reading is a non-negotiable activity for many successful individuals from business magnates like Bill Gates, to national leaders like Barack Obama, and also to fashion designers such as Vera Wang.

They have an “unwinding” ritual

Successful people don’t work before bed. Even though some successful people are considered “workaholics” and work until late hours, this is considered an exception to the rule. “Unwind” is something considered non-negotiable and it can be done in many ways.

They do something nostalgic

Most successful “take a trip down memory lane” as it helps them to keep things in perspective to remember what is truly important in life. The ability to recognize when a mental break is needed or when the body and mind require something other than the work that all-too-often makes up their day is a part of success.

They daydream

Daydreaming is something many successful people have attributed– aka “mind-wandering” in order to breakthroughs that have brought them to the next level of success. Some successful people will daydream to simply relax the mind, gain inspiration and/or wisdom, or develop potential goals apart from the next “big breakthrough”.

They plan for tomorrow

Every successful person has an incredible work ethic – an attribute which is working above and beyond the normal “9 to 5” routine. They will plan for the next day without doing anything too demanding prior to bedtime. This short time investment pays big dividends. This short plan also makes the execution of tomorrow’s activities clearer and less stressful too.

They’ll unplug from everything

You need a complete disconnect from the phone, computer, tablet, or any other digital device and avoid heavy work, relaxing, and recharging. According to the researchers the use of electronic devices prior to bedtime makes hard for a person to sleep properly.

They prioritize family

“Work-life balance” translates to “work-family balance”. Family always comes first for most people including the very successful people. It is really hard to balance a heavy workload and quality time with the spouse, kids, pets, etc. but it is non-negotiable – and rightly so.

They anyhow find time to spend with their loved ones as they know who help make them great.

They practice gratefulness

Many successful people appreciate every single they have in their lives. In order to keep things in perspective, and to serve as a reminder for progress made in various aspects of their lives, some people have a ‘gratitude journal’.

As their day is often riddled with stressful situations, this is a particularly important habit for successful people.

They decompress

Even successful people often have to handle a stressful situation in their lives. A certain period of time to decompress is required for any person that has been exposed to high levels of stress over a long duration of time.

This can be hitting the gym, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or take a hot bath.

They abstain from booze

Most successful people don’t touch alcohol right before bedtime. Successful people abstaining from the booze before bedtime have an improved quality of sleep.

According to the National Institute of Health – a preeminent public health organization – consuming alcohol prior to sleep “robs people of deep sleep and REM sleep and keeps them in the lighter stages of sleep.”

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